Things you need to know about Sunshiners

Sunshiners window clings are hand made to order. Depending on the complexity and size of the order, they are usually ready to post with three working days of the order being paid for. 

You can find the current range of designs available if you go to the shop in the home page and click on the Sunshiners department. 

If you have your own design in mind, custom orders can easily be arranged. Use the contact form to enquire and we can work together to get something made for you.

The maximum size each Sunshiner can be made is approximately the size of an A4 sheet of paper. Any larger and they become too heavy, stretchy, and expensive. If you wish to make a large design, the best option is to make a collage or jigsaw of the smaller parts. For example, a popular theme is underwater and you can add fish, shells, bubbles, coral, crabs, mermaids, whatever you prefer. A set can be made in a colour theme if required. See the photo on this page. 

Sunshiners are made from a specialised very thick paint which is a bit like PVA glue. The design is laid on to a clear polythene sheet and left to dry for at least two nights. It is then packaged under more polythene and sent out to the customer. When you wish to apply it, slide the Sunshiner out of the packaging and gently peel off the the polythene sheet it was made on. What you are left with is just the Sunshiner which will then cling to any glass like surface. It can be gently removed and repositioned many times with no residue left behind. You can clean your windows straight over the top of it without having to remove it every time.

The Small Print

Sunshiners do require a bit of understanding. Due to the nature of the paint they are made from, they will adhere permanently to some plastics (acetate in particular). With this in mind, they are not recommended for use in cars or on caravan windows.

Sunshiners will soften with heat and moisture. This is not a problem unless you decide to move them on a hot day - then you will stretch them out of shape. Moisture may cause them to go cloudy looking. so we recommend Sunshiners are not used outside. However, they seem to be ok in the bathroom so go figure. They look really good on the bathroom mirror or the outside of the shower screen.

Direct sunlight will cause Sunshiners to harden and fade over time eventually.

Some designs are delicate and fiddly to apply ( flowers with skinny stems in particular ). If they fold over and touch eachother they will stick permanently so patience is required with applying these designs.

To store, do not stack Sunshiners together, they will stick to eachother. Instead use the original packaging to keep them nice.

Do not hesitate to use the contact form if you have any questions.